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Japanese TV is beloved the world over. But is it really as good as people think it is? I recount my three most awkward experiences on Japanese Television and reveal my reasons for why I avoid watching it.
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Abroad in Japan
Abroad in Japan - 11 dager siden
NOTIFICATION SQUAD: For the love of god, don't say this is a pen. In fact, just don't use the letter p from now on.
This video is 25% rant, 25% critique, 25% story time and 25% diorama. I hope somewhere in between you learn something of value! BUT what do you think of Japanese TV? Am I being too harsh? Or perhaps too kind? Let me know and enjoy the video!
Also, the video starts at 09:30...
anmokain - 7 timer siden
Sorry Chris....I need to ask: are you a youtuber?
Boy C Paul Friend's
Boy C Paul Friend's - 11 timer siden
That’s good idea 💡 @jin faust Sakuretsu, They can use of radio 📻 for listening 👂🏻 audio for japanese
chemical ranger
chemical ranger - 11 timer siden
i hate japanese tv shows because there very ciringey
jin faust Sakuretsu
jin faust Sakuretsu - 14 timer siden
How about japanese radio?
Zach in Japan
Zach in Japan - 16 timer siden
@Emmerich August yeA you're thinking right. But because they are so entrenched in that group conformity state of mind they will never stray too far away from the general set of morals they have been holding for so long. It's almost impossible for institutional level changes to happen without some kind of outside influence.
Lian1286 - 16 minutter siden
I've only seen clips on YouTube, but the prank shows in Japan look hilarious.
Brenten Smith
Brenten Smith - 32 minutter siden
I just like Japanese TV because its crazy and different from the same old US TV. In JTV (Japanese TV, that I am calling it), it's always something strange, different, unheard of, and the best part, it would never appear on US TV because it's too hot. The more you censor on USTV the more I want to watch JTV. Yea, I don't watch it all the time but I like breaking the norm and checking out Pandora Box every now and then.
Reason number 1: Cosplay - In the USA, the only time you can dress in costume is on Holloween. In Cosplay, you can do it any time you want. US is losing out on all that money they can make instead of one time a year, it is all year round. :D https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pa6oNJDC37s BTW, at 1:49 there is a guy with a very realistic Iron man costume with a few moving parts and it looks almost like the costume would really flex as they move. It's not like a one piece suit. Then again, I could be wrong. :)
Reason number 2: Strange commercial. It's a WTF every moment. Yea, some if the food is not that great but don't knock it until you tried it. It opens up to different food. Some more healthy than others. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xDUOGKCD45Q Way too many WTF Moment.
Reason Number 3: Pranks, personally, I don't like mean pranks but when it is done out of good fun, sure. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BeHq5S8Q7a4 One of the few I really got a kick out of it :) or https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dNLA_BnEJzc
Reason Number 4: NHK News and channel. One thing I like about this channel is that they just want to show you the real news and new ideas. You will see it when you watch it. Uncut and uncensored. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uI7-Np9UFvU
Look, just have fun and watch and enjoy it. Yea, the world is not perfect and sometimes it's just fun unwind to a good WTF...
Szabolcs Szalai
Szabolcs Szalai - 44 minutter siden
F in chat for the letter P.
Angie Pucci
Angie Pucci - 51 minutt siden
I'm assuming you're already married and I'm very sad about it. You are so cute.
B. - Time siden
Fact : Saying "This is a pen" In Russian completely desintegrates the tissue.
kotoban-garde - Time siden
Dragonborn : FUS-RO-DAH
Dragon : * visibly confused *
Dragonborn: THIS IS A PEN!
Dragon: * explodes *
David Serrano
David Serrano - Time siden
What’s the best place to pick up prostitutes in Tokyo?
Mike Roylance
Mike Roylance - 2 timer siden
You should speak more Japanese in your videos.
ColacX - 2 timer siden
Oh its juicier sugoi lol hahaha
mmm mmm
mmm mmm - 2 timer siden
most japanese tv is HORRIBLE! you see the same 5 "famous" people saying oooooooooishiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii or umaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaiiiiiiiii. there were a few good shows on... 空耳アワー probably not on any more...
Rain0and0Thunder - 2 timer siden
I dunno if I am the only one who thinks this but I think you and Sharla should date. I personally think you look good together, and seem to get along well. Match made in....soup you two are. XD
Arcade - 3 timer siden
So basically what if every show that had a laugh track also had a reaction channel Youtuber in a small corner and Viner that edits the videos.
TRI VO - 3 timer siden
I think it happens everywhere. More and more people watch youtube or use treaming service like Netflix, Disneyplus, Amazon prime...etc. I myself rarely watch tv nowadays 'cause of so many negative contents, depressing news, and boring or "ancient movies" which have been shown million times. And tv cable is getting pricey as well.
jurandfantom - 4 timer siden
Okeeey, to be honest I expected something more than reading comments and talking about topic by sitting in your room. It is not bad but form such amount of subscribers and viewers I was expecting way more. (I checked most recent 5 videos to be sure). What is my point? There is a Polish guy who moved to Japan 5y ago and he was doing daily vlogs content with filmic style. He was travel all across japan - fire festival, snow festival, Olimpic as first Youtuber who was co-operate with Eurosport and such. And I come here to see a guy who is answering questions in his room.
Algorithms are bitch. Keep doing your work Abroad and good luck with everything :) Nice Trashtalk episode.
ExtremeGamer - 4 timer siden
Correct me if I'm wrong but I believe that Japanese entertainment was heavily influenced by Kabuki theatre and its over the top nature.
Dancingkay - 4 timer siden
Just went to your instagram, saw those beautiful city photos...so Artistic 👌🏻👍🏼 did you take those pics?
Ali T
Ali T - 5 timer siden
*I once met a seasoned, sharply dressed, and mature Japanese businessman in his 60s who had Pokemon and, I shit you not, Crayon Shin Chan tiny little figurines lying in his briefcase. On the inside, many east Asians, especially Japanese and Korean, are children. The love for anime at much higher ages (past 30 when you REALLY should quit) is crazy in those countries. It's a cultural and social norm to still be attracted to things that are meant for people decades younger than you. And I mean decades, as in 30 years or more!*
bilishu aliss
bilishu aliss - 4 timer siden
Gaki is awesome
Billy Reynolds
Billy Reynolds - 5 timer siden
bilishu aliss
bilishu aliss - 4 timer siden
issue in Japan? The high suicide rate though, that's due to the sound effects!
biggboysouth - 5 timer siden
Production quality was on another level for this one! Killin it!
Caleb Hopper
Caleb Hopper - 5 timer siden
Watching anime, and not just the anime with lots of "power up" screaming.. There is a lot of emotional range, deep plots and character development. I find if hard to believe that this doesn't extend to other type of shows.
ekoi1995 - 6 timer siden
just watch anime XD
C - 6 timer siden
Senpai - 6 timer siden
I'd take Japanese TV over American TV any day.
Mr. Reborn
Mr. Reborn - 6 timer siden
Wow, talk about fake television... Are their news the same?
Meto's Teddy Bear
Meto's Teddy Bear - 6 timer siden
Japanese youtubers are also heavily inspired by Japanese TV, although their performances do seem a lot more genuine.
Asking Anime
Asking Anime - 7 timer siden
Why do all Japanese shows look like they were shot in 480p lol
word word2
word word2 - 7 timer siden
I mean if it's labelled salty but it's actually sweet wouldn't that technically be false advertisement?
E S - 7 timer siden
This video has made my number one ambition in life to somehow get onto Japanese TV and be the biggest cynical cunt I can be, just to watch the perplexed and panicked faces of the local participants as they question their whole perception of themselves and the world around them. Or you know, go there and get to knob a famous Gravure, or JAV star. I dunno which ever happens first.
MacrossFaltenmeyer - 7 timer siden
Another culture diffrence between EU,USA and Japan.Japanese TV is shit,yes.I do not mean it in a negative manner,its interesting to see and compare to our Western TV channels.
Kyokuji FGC
Kyokuji FGC - 7 timer siden
9:28 - That is the most accurate impression of Japanese TV I've ever seen.
Tomoko Fliearman
Tomoko Fliearman - 7 timer siden
Chris.... 😆
I wish I could watch show that you were on the Japanese TV!
The Leaf San
The Leaf San - 7 timer siden
Tbh I kinda loved your interpretation of "what if Abroad in Japan was on Japanese television" (^//^)7
Epic Spaceship
Epic Spaceship - 8 timer siden
*Me:* Holy shit, his imitation is so off--
*The Girl That I Like:* Accurate!
*Me:* Accurate! I was thinking the same thing: It is so accurate.
OhNoNotFrank - 8 timer siden
With all the "schoolgirls" - Japanese TV tends to make me feel like I stumbled upon a website which content, if I should find it interesting, would put me in the same category as, well, pervs.
I am trying to wrap my mind around the idea that it's just my biases somehow, but it still makes me feel uncomfortable and puzzled.
What is it with schoolgirls that apparently make them so appealing to the Japanese TV audience?
Could it be that while the western world seem to prefer beauty and sex-appeal on screen, that this is not an issue in Japan?
The high suicide rate though, that's due to the sound effects!
Aaron g
Aaron g - 8 timer siden
Gaki is awesome
Manji Studio
Manji Studio - 8 timer siden
KANCHO!!?? WTF IS KANCHO? https://youtu.be/SEXPr6EJzbI you never mentioned this, I'm NEVER visiting a country where this could happen, EVER!
Manji Studio
Manji Studio - 8 timer siden
Did you get kanchoed? WTF is this? I'm not going to pay the best part of a grand for a flight so I can get kanchoed
L H - 8 timer siden
how popular is one piece actually over there
Mousazz - 8 timer siden
14:18 "I had to make it up and I could not do it over and over about 15 times
the producers tried to put words in my mouth and try and get me to see the difference that wasn't there."
No! There. Are. *Four.* Lights!
美由紀 - 9 timer siden
Patient - 9 timer siden
Strangely, this video makes me want to watch Japanese TV show again😂
N20 Games
N20 Games - 9 timer siden
Oh, man, I thought I was imagining things when I visited Tokyo and started watching TV in my room. It was just crazy. I mean, I'd seen Japanese TV occasionally, and have seen many films, but being immersed in the live broadcast TV for a few days in a row was eye opening. I enjoyed it!!
Mina JeetjeMineetje
Mina JeetjeMineetje - 9 timer siden
I would watch it 24/7!!
Todd Bowlin
Todd Bowlin - 10 timer siden
That seems so odd since they have a lot of violent Godzilla, Samurai, and animations like Akira.
bwerx - 10 timer siden
GEWD LAWD! He nailed it to a 'T'!!
Aquarius - 10 timer siden
So, what's wrong about being positive? I think it's cultural. In budism positive thinking is very important to transform your life. I don't live in Japan but I remember my Japanese grandmother who would be very amused with very ordinary things or piece of news. She was a very positive person.
Ypsilion - 10 timer siden
Lmao the Japanese version of Aboard in Japan is so like any other Japanese Youtuber 😂
Spy1228 - 10 timer siden
Loved the video hahaha.
Rajiv Dasan
Rajiv Dasan - 10 timer siden
Great video Chris. God help anyone singing 'Pen Pineapple Apple Pen' in English
Littlest MacMuffin
Littlest MacMuffin - 11 timer siden
When japanese ads are better than japanese tv...

They be grabbing the snacks in between the commercial breaks lol
Lyn Clark
Lyn Clark - 11 timer siden
The only amusement that I find in Japanese television is my husband's overwhelming dislike of it.
Oscar Rocket
Oscar Rocket - 11 timer siden
Lesson learnt: Don't move to a country for the TV shows.
Maker Imagine
Maker Imagine - 11 timer siden
I love watching Japanese TV but I do admit that most of the programs are trash. However if you do understand those in-jokes, the very few but best of Japanese TV shows are the ones where it's all or mostly Japanese comedians either talking or performing a neta. The TV shows that I love watching every week are Ame talk, Wednesday downtown, Ariyoshi no kabe, datsuryoku times or oogiri shows such as shōten and ippon gradpri. Although it doesn't feature any comedians a show called Getsuyou Kara yofukashi is also very funny.

Note: The doornob eating clip is from a new year special program called Ultraman Dash from the weekly show Tetsuwan dash. The clip is from a segment called sokkuri sweets (exactly sweets) which IS an ongoing series that they do every year and idk why that clip keeps getting picked up overseas but the level of funniness of that segment of the show isn't much different every year.
zukarusan - 11 timer siden
this is why I watch anime
Joe - 12 timer siden
did you try the anime channel?
Kate Sparkle
Kate Sparkle - 12 timer siden
those 16 year olds don't know takeshi's castle? i'm 17 and i grew up with that shi
MegaLordBroly - 12 timer siden
Just my 2 cents. I get the feeling, tv there is a way to relax and shut off from the busy lives of Japanese citizens. If you’re a worker putting in those long hours for a company, a homemaker constantly ensuring things are maintained, or a child studying hard to keep their grades up, those moments where you can take a break from life’s stress can be used to watch something fun and positive to lift up your spirits. (Especially the intense AWESOME or peaceful CUTE of anime) Just a thought. Great video btw.
danwizard2006 - 12 timer siden
great video enjoyed it a lot, your style reminds me a heck of a lot of Stewart Lee, are you a big Stewart Lee fan ?
Black Blade
Black Blade - 12 timer siden
2:58 omg hahaha 😂😂
Random Videos
Random Videos - 12 timer siden
normal ppl: this is a pen
bachi bachaliashvili
bachi bachaliashvili - 12 timer siden
18:08 he looka like he just took a big line of cocain
Marco Polo
Marco Polo - 13 timer siden
So it's like youtube
jernejj5 - 13 timer siden
You should do your next video Japanese style. The whole 10 min or so :D
HOLLOW WOLLOH - 13 timer siden
I'm going to knock random doors at night and, if they open their doors I will ask people....

*"aayu yu 2 ba?"*
And run away before they answer.
austin nava
austin nava - 13 timer siden
QUESTION why did youtobe mark your content as made for kids????
UnderdogRecords91 - 13 timer siden
They don't call it pen-demic for nothing
Anthony French
Anthony French - 13 timer siden
So, this is my first time watching your show, and yeah I agree that a lot of variety shows and morning shows are really cookie cutter, but there are some exceptions such as Doctor X or Ayumi Hamasaki drama...but with that said I would recommend someone to experience it at least once.
Neonto - 14 timer siden
You earned my like with the metal gear solid sound while showing the chips 🤣🤣🤣 awesome episode.
Syamil Afiq
Syamil Afiq - 14 timer siden
I been to Japan once, I don't see why you call "really polite" or anything like that, it's just the same in my place. Maybe America and Europe in general is pretty rude? I don't know, hope I'm wrong
Rafli Yaumil
Rafli Yaumil - 14 timer siden
I don't really care about the Japanese part. But I really loved your critical thinking. Also, the way you copy the japanese TV is super incredible. I'm highly impressed with that. Well done, mate. You truly nailed that one.
Black Dragon Ryuga
Black Dragon Ryuga - 14 timer siden
Chris san can you please make a video with voice actress rie takahashi.
Koppii! - 14 timer siden
I just realized that Japanese TV is kind of almost the same as PH TV
Mig S.
Mig S. - 14 timer siden
Your parody was great but I miss the heeeeeeeeeeh effect. :)
Koppii! - 14 timer siden
I remember watching takashi's castle but im borned in 2006
Sam - 15 timer siden
This is exactly what Korean tv is like, and why I don't like watching it
Lamp Post7
Lamp Post7 - 15 timer siden
Please invad de Japan. It would be good for you if you own Japan. You are a beautiful person. Please Marty a person. Imagine being epic leader of the world. Well I am because I am epic gamer and I play GAMES
Donut Carrot All
Donut Carrot All - 15 timer siden
Brilliantly made. Real damn youtuber right there
Zakkun !
Zakkun ! - 15 timer siden
Normal people : "This is a Pen"
Exaggerated people : "This is a PHeN!"
Miha Strajnar
Miha Strajnar - 16 timer siden
Didn't know people think of Japanese TV as such. I am not at all familiar with Japanese culture, but from the few clips I've seen related to the Japanese bands I like, all of them were weirdly flashy and uncomfortably bright and happy.
Also, always look at the back for how much salt/sugar it actually contains. No surprises.
Sciurcho - 16 timer siden
I didnt know takeshis castle is so old.